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A war is waging and in a bomb shelter behind enemy lines, five soldiers are hiding for several weeks. While the long awaited marching orders do not arrive, they are forced to waste their time confined by the shelter’s concrete walls.

When a Christmas cease fire brings peace to the war for one day, the emerging holiday feelings and homesickness start to rattle the men’s nerves.  The commander has increasing difficulties to maintain his soldiers’ morale.

At the peak of this suspense, the marching order finally arrives, but it forces everyone to go to the very extreme of what he is willing to do in a war.


Cast Mike Hoffmann, Thorsten Feller, Andreas Grötzinger, Ilja Niederkirchner, Sascha Stegner

Scriptwriter Duc Thi Bui

Cinematographer Max Hüttermann

Editor Nicola Grau

Producer Roshanak Khodabakhsh 

ifs internationale filmschule köln

11 minutes


festivals + award

reception of the German film schools for the Berlinale 2009 | „ifs Lola“ (audience arward) open house day of ifs internationale filmschule köln 2008 | 32. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2008