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Einmal wieder dieser Junge sein (Co-Regie)

animated film

Being that boy again

His mother starts drinking when he is eight years old. Jan Koester projects photos from his childhood on his own body that tell of loneliness and helplessness in toxic relationships. These Rorschach-like superimposed images put physical abstractions in relation to their violent and alienated surroundings. Shifting between fluid and halting movements, telescoped pixels tugging at each other deconstruct predominant gender norms. (Text: Samuel Döring)

Regie Jan Koester

Co-Regie & Cinematographer Lisa Violetta Gaß

Animation Jan Koester & Lisa Violetta Gaß

Schnitt & Musik & Sounddesign Jan Koester

Produktion Christine Haupt

Founded by FFA

7 minutes / 2022

festival participation 

Dok Leipzig 2022 (German Competition)

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