A PROMISED ROSE GARDEN lief auf dem 10. achtung berlin - new berlin film award Festival und hat zu unserer großen Freude den EXBERLINER FILM AWARD gewonnen. (The Exberliner Film Award (sektionsübergreifend) wird an einen herausragenden Film verliehen, der die Interkulturalität Berlins fördert oder von einem Filmemacher mit internationalem Hintergrund realisiert wurde. Dotiert mit 1.000 Euro in bar, gestiftet von der Met Film School Berlin.)


Jurybegründung (Matthias Luthard, Walter Crasshole, Erle Marie Sorheim):

For a portrayal of frequently overlooked aspects of international Berlin, the Exberliner Film Award goes to a special fairytale of “expat” life. A labour of extremely hard work and research that bypasses the vegan cafes of Neukölln to tell a story of Berlin with roots going back to the city’s divided history and still playing out today without over-stylizing, romanticizing or sensationalizing extreme desperation. The very well-mastered fusion of internal and external hardships is played out in beautiful camera work and extremely heartfelt acting – from first-time actors, no less. This film exemplifies Berlin as a Weltstadt in all its beauty AND ugliness in a way that no other could. In keeping with Exberliner’s commitment to being the voice of all international Berliners, Exberliner Magazine is proud to present its award of €1000 donated by the Met Film School to Lisa Violetta Gaß for her film A Promised Rose Garden.

Press Article: A Promised Rose Garden/Interview Lisa Violetta Gaß - in »Der Freitag«