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Gisberta won the AUDIENCE AWARD at the 9th International Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy 2010!

Voices of the audience at Cambridge Film Festival:

GISBERTA took a faster speed in its story of bullying and friendship in an orphanage, but kept the focus and pace right up to its shocking ending.

Review by Ric Parkin on 24 Sep 2010

GISBERTA charts the friendship between the cleaner in an orphanage, and young boy Elisha, and the jealousy of the other boys in the orphanage. The swift and shocking conclusion shows the power of jealousy and how much we come to care about character relationships in short timeframes.

Review by Festival Daily on 25 Sep 2010

Hats off to the Cambridge Film Festival, an interesting and at times eclectic mix of International cinema. From the harrowing and troublesome realities of Gisberta, to the indepth and heart renching story of a soldier trying to integrate back into a ’normal‘ existance, that is White Buffalo.

Review by Chris Owen on 24 Sep 2010

Gisberta and White Buffalo stood out for me personally, two daring and captivating films.

Review by Anna on 23 Sep 2010

GISBERTA is the heart-breaking account of a boy, bullied at an orphanage, who finds an ally in one of the pretty cleaners. But, the other boys take their jealousy of his friendship to an extreme level. 

Review by Festival Daily on 26 Sep 2010

Gisberta won the AUDIENCE AWARD at exground filmfest Wiesbaden and »BEST GERMAN FILM« at interfilm FESTIVAL, Berlin!

interfilm Jury-Statement:

The film is set in a children’s home, where one boy, the outsider in his group, becomes closely attached to a carer who shows him a lot of attention, causing the others to react with envy and sexual desire, leading unconsciously to disaster. The film provides a courageous insight into the abyss which is the  internal world of adolescents. The director managers to make the characters believable – right down to the tiniest detail – and even manages to portray the rough, brutal elements of the characters‘ personalities in a subtle way.


First Steps Award

Gisberta is nominated for the First Steps Award which is the most important Young Talent Award for German graduation films.

DVD release



Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival awarded Gisberta

»It`s for creating a sensible and daring athmosphere without ever running in danger of being unrealistic, touching on a very serious and contemporary social problem. We the jury award Matthias vom Schemm the best script award for Gisberta and for managing to build a grippy tension from the beginning to the end, that keeps the audience on their seats.«

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